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PE, Aesthetics & CCA

PE, Aesthetics & CCA

Physical Education, Art and Music curriculum plays an important role in the holistic development of students in Nan Chiau Primary School.


The overall aim of the PE, Music and Art education is to promote Physical Education, Music & Art in 3 aspects: KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS and VALUES

At the end of their 6 years primary school education in NCPS, every student will be:

• equipped with the necessary skills, attitude and knowledge to maintain and sustain healthy lifestyle through the Eat Right and Live Healthily Programme;

• aesthetically cultured through enjoyable and purposeful experiences of different visual and performing arts and music programmes;

• instilled with life-long interest in and an appreciation for Art and Music.

Talent development in PAM

Students are given opportunities to apply the skills and knowledge they learnt during their PE lessons and recreational sports CCA to participate in intra and inter class competitions. Talented students who are spotted will be recommended to join the school team.

Students are also given the chance to excel in the aesthetics.  Through the art and music lessons, talented students who are spotted to have an interest or  good in music and art are given various platforms such as school concerts, mass singing, internal art competitions, etc., to display their talents. Outstanding students who displayed exceptionally capabilities in music and art are then sent for external competitions.


PLAY @ Recess

Students are also encouraged to keep fit by engaging in sports and games during their recess. Activities related to art and music have also be included to cater to students who enjoy these activities. Karaoke sessions and art and craft activities have been introduced to add vibrancy during recess.

These activities are often in line with the NE related theme and festivities.



Harnessing of Technology

Physical Education
Technology is part and parcel of life at Nan Chiau Primary School. To leverage on the power of technology, the PE department have started to use Polar Heart Rate Monitors which are specifically developed for the young. This technology allows students to record the duration of exercise as well as the level of intensity during a PE lesson. The data is then used by the students to plan for their own exercise programme which will have the maximum positive impact on their health and fitness.  As a result, students thus become more self-directed and independent.

The PE department has also chosen to adopt video game technology as one of the tools to teach students about health and fitness by utilizing XBOX 360 platforms in school. Students get to learn about different sports and games such as tennis, bowling and badminton through XBOX 360 interactive games in a virtual world that is non-threatening and fun! The PE department will also be collaborating with NTU which has developed softwares to help enhance learning through this medium. We also have started using the video analysis software in early 2016. PE teachers and sports coaches have been trained on how to use the application of the software.





The Art Blog will be further enhanced to include more features. Virtual Art Museum tours and more digitalised students’ art work will be included in the Art Blog. Students are able to explore YouTube links which are shared on the Art Blog to extend their lessons and learn.

Learning journey to the National Art Gallery will be conducted for students where they will make use of their tablets to take photographs and post up on blogs via the LMS portal.

Primary 3 – 4 utilize tablets in their digital art photography lessons as part of their art curriculum. Students are also encouraged to search for online sources and research via their tablet for inspiration.

Eco-Bin competition- Research and voting are done online.



IT related music programme was adopted to make music lessons more enjoyable and student centric.

A new keyboard room (Tech Frontier) has been set-up where ICT devices such as IPads can be connected and utilized for music lessons.

The music department leverages on ICT tools which are available to supplement their curriculum. Garage band is introduced into the curriculum where students are exposed to the use of IPads to play tunes via music apps.



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